PMSS Laptop Program

PMSS Grade 8 Laptop Learning

Specific Questions about the Laptop Pod? Please contact the POD teacher, Ms. Yau: or the Grade 8 Counsellor, Ms. Umlah:

*Please note this will be a Bring Your Own Device Pod*

What Device should you have?

Almost any device will do, something with Microsoft Office (particularly Word) and a keyboard–that’s it! After those two elements, it really comes down to a matter of preference. Mostly everything is done online, so no need for a CD ROM or DVD drive. It can be a compact device or something more powerful, if you choose. Having a gmail/google account set up prior to coming in September would be helpful. Students should save their files in a cloud by using a program such as Google docs or Dropbox – so they may want to familiarize themselves with one of these programs.