Cannabis Legalization

As we approach the federal legalization of recreational marijuana on October 17, 2018, our school will continue to provide a safe, caring and socially responsible school environment that does not tolerate the presence of intoxicating substances. For more information on the legalization of recreational marijuana and its impacts for BC K-12 education, see the message below provided by the Ministry of Education.

For a fact sheet on cannabis use and teens, see 10 Questions About Cannabis Use and Your Teen.

Cannabis Legalization and Impacts for BC K-12 Education

As of October 17, 2018, cannabis will be legal for purchase, possession and use by those over the age of 19 in British Columbia. While many laws are being updated, it will continue to be illegal for youth under 19 to buy, possess or use cannabis in B.C.

Use of cannabis on school properties will continue to be against the law, along with tobacco smoking and vaping. Smoking of vaping tobacco or cannabis is also illegal on playgrounds, sports fields, skate parks and other places where children and youth spend time.

The new Cannabis Act has several measures that help prevent youth from accessing cannabis. Similar to the current restrictions on advertising for tobacco products, the Cannabis Act helps discourage youth cannabis use by prohibiting: products that are appealing to youth; packaging or labelling cannabis in a way that makes it appealing to youth; selling cannabis through self-service displays or vending machines; and promoting cannabis, except in narrow circumstances where youth could not see the promotion.

The Ministry of Education is committed to supporting student success. A major component of this is ensuring healthy and effective learning environments, so that all students feel safe. Schools continue to be substance-free environments where students and educators can engage in proactive conversations about healthy lifestyle choices. B.C.’s curriculum currently offers a variety of opportunities for teachers to discuss recreational cannabis use with students. Concepts related to substance use are found in every grade of the Physical and Health Education (PHE) curriculum from Kindergarten through Grade 10.

For further information regarding the legalization of cannabis please see:

The Ministry of Education is updating the Expect Respect and A Safe Education (erase) website to provide students, parents and educators with information and resources to support healthy and effective learning environments. The refreshed erase site will include a new section about substance use that will be updated regularly and provide information and resources related to cannabis.


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